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Para obtener información en español, nos puede llamar al (916) 322-6508 o enviar un mensaje a:

You have been directed to this website because the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) believes that you may be legally required to report information about one or more groundwater wells. This website will:

  • Explain why the State Water Board believes you may own one or more groundwater wells
  • Explain why you may be required to report information to the State Water Board
  • Allow you to notify the Board if you do not own any groundwater wells
  • Help you determine if you are legally required to report information if you do own wells

To get started, please enter your Correspondence ID and full name exactly as they appear in the letter that you received from the State Water Board. If you received multiple letters, please click the '+ Add Additional Correspondence ID' below to add additional Correspondence IDs. You do not need to enter your name for additional letters.

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